Broker Price Opinions

In today’s marketplace, the Broker Price Opinion has reached new levels of precision, leveraging sophisticated technology and quality assurance techniques.

As the BPO has evolved and the market has become more diverse, risk managers have come to the important realization that all BPOs are not created equal. With over 400 quality control checks for accuracy, advanced algorithms, and effective data validation techniques, our BPO team has earned the trust of originators, servicers, Wall Street investors, private equity firms and others to become one of the nation’s most relied upon providers of robust and reliable BPO services.

An external review of the property based on the most recent sales and active listings of comparable properties, along with complete neighborhood data, multiple exterior photos and relevant street scenes. Like all of our BPO products, the Exterior BPO includes address verifications and is checked in-house by a BPO Valuation expert to ensure that the best available comps were used to determine value.

When inside information is needed, we have you covered with the Interior BPO Report. Clients get all the excellent features of our Exterior BPO Report along with interior photos as well as photos of damaged areas, if applicable.

Our Verbal BPO provides a quick, “boots on the ground” opinion of value backed by experienced brokers with deep knowledge of their market areas. This is a perfect complement to our AVM products for added reliability.

An interior BPO that has been reviewed by a licensed or certified appraiser who provides a reconciled “as is” value, an “as repaired value”, estimate of total repair cost, a narrative and data to support the reconciled values.

Our Platinum Valuation Report (PVR) includes an interior or exterior BPO and an AVM along with “as is” and “as repaired” values, additional comps and a precise reconciliation performed by a fully-qualified in-house licensed or certified appraiser- at a fraction of the cost of a full appraisal.